We offer Embroidery Stitching Services 

This is the Toyota AD850 Embroidery Machine. 

It is an industrial level Embroidery machine manufactured  for commercial embroidery businesses by Aisin Seiki Co.,Ltd. 

The Toyota AD850 has a very versatile embroidery stitching field. The field of stitching ranges from smaller then your thumb nail to large enough that it will easily accomodate the design on  the back of a jacket. Because of it's repeatable accuracy we have been able to stitch designs much larger as well. 

Until the developement of the AD850 embroidery machines were limited to a 9 color set-up. The Toyota AD850 has an initial thread color  setup capability of 12 colors. Although it stitches one threaded needle color at a time it is continuly changing the needles and thread color all through the design stitchout process as it follows the design stitching recipe.